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  • How to give your child the best education


    Every parent wants to offer their child the best education possible, but school and university fees are extremely high meaning that you may not be able to afford the best. The money you spend on your childrens’ education could be one of your family’s biggest expenses - but there are ways to plan ahead to ensure you have the necessary funds available. 

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  • How to decide between pay-as-you-go and a contract


    It’s time to purchase a new cellphone but you are unsure about whether to choose a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) package or sign a contract. We have put together a little cheat sheet that may help you decide. 

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  • Top tips for thrifty shoppers


    Times are tough and everyone needs to find clever ways to cut costs but still ensure they have what they need. Here are some ways to do just that:

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  • Save your money with great online deals


    Everybody loves to spoil themselves especially when it is done through a great deal. We are always looking for ways to stick to budget and spend wisely but sometimes it is nice to indulge a bit.

    Here are our top 4 websites that will provide you with some spectacular deals but so you can still indulge but without blowing your budget.

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  • Managing your money more wisely


    Managing your finances efficiently is one of the most important things you can do in order to maintain a cost-effective lifestyle. Setting financial goals and sticking to them isn’t always easy as sometimes we find it hard to track where our money is going. It is all very well keeping transaction slips in a box but if you’re not actually tracking your spend, how do you know where it is going and it is especially difficult to keep track when you have more than one bank account because our money is going to different places through different sources. That’s where online money management tools come in. Here are our top 3 free tools that will help make your life easier:

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  • Know where your money goes and create a spending plan


    Spending more money than you make can be fun for a while, but will eventually lead to unnecessary stress and heartache when you can’t pay back your debt, especially if you lose track of where your money is being spent. Good money management includes being able to pay your monthly bills, save for the future, and buy the things you need and want without creating unmanageable debt.

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  • Top safety tips when buying online


    Shopping online has become increasingly popular with consumers no longer having to stand in a queue to make purchases or payments - all you need is a computer, an internet connection and your account information. However, being an online shopper means you must take important precautions to minimise your risk of fraudulent transactions. Here are our top safety tips.

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  • Which bank account is best for you


    We all know that access to a bank account is a clever way to manage your money, but with so many different bank accounts available from 11 South African banks, the question is which one is best for you. Before deciding on which bank to go with, you should have some understanding of the types of bank accounts that are available. This is why we’ve put together some basic benefits and drawbacks of four different types of accounts to help you choose the best bank account for your needs.

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  • The good, bad and ugly of different investments


    It can be a daunting task when trying to decide where to invest your money. Each type of investment option comes with its own set of rules and regulations and each are suitable for something different. We have compiled a list of different investments to choose from, as well as their pro’s and cons.

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  • Medical aid - what is the best cover for you


    There are so many different medical aids available these days and each provider offers so many options, it’s really difficult to know which one is right for you and your family. If you sometimes feel that you need a special degree to understand the reams of info available on each scheme, you are not alone!  Even if you’re single, sorting through the benefits to find the one that best fits your needs is tough. Doing it for a family where members have different needs is daunting! Here is our best advice on choosing the right medical aid.

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