Car insurance has been described as a necessary evil – even if you pay cash for a motor vehicle and you are the most cautious of motorists, you are at great financial risk if you drive an uninsured vehicle.

Having a good yet affordable car insurance policy puts your mind at ease as you drive and this in itself is one of the biggest car insurance benefits – peace of mind that should you be in an accident or have your car stolen, you are covered!

Car insurance has become an important business and people are getting more curious about how to safe guard their cars and other vehicles against vehicle accidents, damage and theft.

In South Africa, affordable car insurance can be difficult to get. Car insurance policies can be quite expensive with insurance policies having strict conditions as a result of the high-risks of criminal activity and unlicensed road usage.

Consumer education continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing the car insurance industry, and most of the complaints to the Ombud for Short Term Insurance are from consumers who are not familiar with the financial services industry and insurance products.