MoneyShop Bank Interaction Survey Results are in. In our recent MoneyShop Survey we asked, How is your banks service interaction quality?

Our results are in, please see the results below.

Some key take away’s regards the individual questions:

  • Overall, on average most all banks scored 80% on the questions.

Overall bank score:

  • Capitec 80%.
  • FNB 60%.
  • Nedbank 80%.
  • Standard Bank 80%.
  • ABSA 80%.
  • Other 80%.

FNB lagging a little behind the other banks.

Survey results based on bank users:

42.5% of people surveyed use Capitec

18.4% of people surveyed use FNB

9.2% of people surveyed use Nedbank

10.9% of people surveyed use ABSA

11.5% of people surveyed use Standard Bank

7.5% of people surveyed use other banks

In other words, from our MoneyShop bank interaction survey:

If one looks at the individual question scores…

Capitec, ABSA and other banks on the top. FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank drop a few points on some of the questions.

To sum up, it seems like people feel that their banks interaction with them is actually very good. So the banks on a whole seem to be understanding their customers well and have geared themselves in a good way in terms of service.

Thank you for participating in our MoneyShop Bank Survey.