Some say ‘they sneak up on you just as you aren’t looking’ and that ‘they are a proudly South African phenomenon’.  All we know is, they are called ‘potholes’ and they can do some real damage to your car.

Potholes, however, are not the only things that can leave you stranded on the side of the road.  Hitting a curb at a high speed or driving over a nail can damage your tyres as well.  And considering the price of tyres and rims these days, it may just be worthwhile to get some tyre and rim insurance the next time you replace your wheels.

What is tyre and rim insurance?

Designed specifically to cover your vehicle’s tyres and rims, this type of insurance will pay out to either repair or replace your tyres or rims in the event of an incident, such as driving over road debris or flying over one of those ‘much loved’ potholes we have become so accustomed to.

What are the benefits?

This type of insurance offers a bunch of benefits, including:

  • The replacement of rims, if they are damaged beyond repair
  • Tyre repairs and replacement, in the event of a puncture, blowout or flat tyre
  • Little or no excess when claiming
  • Limited roadside assistance is often included in the package
  • Claiming doesn’t affect your no claim bonus

What you can’t claim for:

As with any other type of insurance, there are certain things that your insurance simply will not cover, like:

  • The repair or replacement of temporary or spare wheels
  • The repair or replacement of sports tyres or rims
  • Rethreaded tyres
  • Any damage caused as a result of scratching against a wall or curb
  • Any damage that existed before the commencement of your policy
  • Tyres or rims that are already covered by another insurance policy

Know the Ts and Cs

While each insurer will have their own specific policy terms and conditions, you can expect to find some of the following points:

  • Tyre and rim insurance policies are non-transferrable
  • Such policies are generally only valid while your vehicle is inside the country. You may require special clearance from your insurance provider if you are planning a cross broader trip.
  • Your car has to be roadworthy at the time of the tyre or rim damage, otherwise your policy is nullified.
  • The age of the vehicle must fall within the age limit (with some insurers, your tyres and rims will only be covered if your car is less than one year old at the time of undertaking the policy).