Imagine for just a moment that you didn’t have your car because it was at the mechanic due to a horrid accident. You would have to depend on friends and public transport to get to varsity, or to work. Or incur costs that you may have not planned for. That’s why car insurance is important. It helps to cover the costs when you’re in an accident, or when replacing your car if it’s stolen.

So, What Is Car Insurance?

As you may have guessed, car insurance is a way of ensuring that no harm comes to your car. And, if it does, you don’t end up with a bill bigger than Table Mountain. You pay a monthly premium and in return, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that any damage that may befall your vehicle will be covered by your insurer.

If your vehicle is insured with the right policy, things like accidents, natural damage, fire, and theft will be covered for you. Plus, if you cause damage to another motorist’s property, that will be covered too.

Why Is Car Insurance Important?

Here are three answers that help us make our point.

  • It makes life a little more predictable
  • It makes it easier to deal with other parties
  • It keeps your car safe

Why you need car insurance

Pays for the damage

If you have an accident and it’s your fault, you’ll have to pay for your own car’s repairs, as well as the other person’s car. That’s a lot of money!

Replaces a stolen car

Picture the scene: you’ve just done your shopping and you head towards your parking spot only to find that it’s empty. Unfortunately, we’re all familiar with that feeling of dread. At least with car insurance (provided you’ve selected the theft option), you can put some money towards a replacement car.

Fire protection

Insurance can’t stop a fire damaging your car or hail pelting down and causing damage, but it can certainly help pay for repairs.

Roadside assistance

Car insurance is a competitive industry which means there are lots of extra benefits offered by service providers to attract customers. One such benefit is roadside assistance. Whether it’s a flat tyre that needs replacing, or you’ve run out of petrol, there’s a service to help.

Discounts for good driving

Another great benefit of a competitive industry is the value propositions on offer. Some companies offer cashback after a certain period of no claims, while others offer apps that track your driving behaviour and reward you with premium discounts if you do well.

Paying for insurance may seem costly but consider the alternative of having to pay for damages out of your own pocket. Look for the best deal to suit your pocket and make sure, at the very minimum, you have the basics covered.


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