Legal insurance is often viewed as an unnecessary expense. But should you land in hot water, and find yourself on the wrong side of the law, it could prove invaluable. One such instance is if you are accused of murder. While this is probably worst case scenario, it would help to know whether or not you are covered.

What is legal insurance?

According to LegalWise, legal insurance is a product aimed at providing members with professional legal representation and advice as needed.

“We provide Members with the power to enforce and defend their rights through professional legal representation. Should you become involved in a dispute, we offer appropriate legal counselling and cover benefits specific to your needs at affordable rates,” added LegalWise.

What does legal insurance, cover you for?

Legal insurance typically covers you for an array of different categories from labour and civil matters to criminal matters, such as murder.

So the short answer is yes – you are covered if you’re accused of murder.

Should you be accused of murder, your legal insurance should as in any other matter, pay out and assist.

Like in the case of Hollard Legal you can stand to receive anywhere between R150, 000 and R200, 000 per matter. There is further no annual limit to your legal cover, so you can claim as many times as you want as you’re covered per matter.

What are the inclusions and exclusions when it comes to such a matter?

According toLegalWise membership typically includes:

  • Legal counselling and assistance and covers legal fees* per case for criminal related matters
  • Legal advice
  • Counselling on court procedures
  • Negotiations and correspondence with third parties on your behalf
  • Assistance and counselling regarding basic legal documents

As far as exclusions go, the following are typically excluded:

  • Admission of guilt fines
  • Cover for legal matters that arose before you joined LegalWise or during your 3-month waiting period*

Protecting yourself against unexpected legal matters and charges is never a waste of money. If anything, your future self may end up thanking you.

Until next time,
The Team