Life happens, and it is often at unexpected time you realise you need a lawyer. Hiring an attorney can be costly, and legal cover (or legal insurance) is one way to help reduce those costs. Having legal insurance ensures that you are covered and your rights are protected should any unforeseen legal events arise. You get access to qualified attorneys who have experience handle an array of legal disputes, and saves you the hassle of finding a reputable and trustworthy lawyer, that won’t cost you the earth.

However, you can’t simply apply for legal cover when you need it, there will be an exclusion, as with other types of insurance, which will prohibit you from making certain claims against the cover within a set period from taking out the cover. These exclusions and time limits may vary according to the legal cover provider you choose.

Being prepared is the best way to avoid costly legal fees that may leave you facing financial difficulty. For a monthly fee you get a set amount of legal cover and expertise, should you ever need it.

However, the type of cover provided may differ according to the legal insurance plan you have chosen. Furthermore, different companies may offer different packages with varying monthly costs. While you can’t anticipate the type of legal cover you may need, you can pick an option that best suits your pocket.

For example, Hollard Legal Insurance, starting from R75 per month, offers you access to standard legal documents and contracts, telephonic advice from experienced attorneys, and they cover criminal, civil and labour issues.

LegalWise Legal Insurance, by comparison, offers cover for the following:

  • Insurance problems
  • Consumer-related problems
  • Home-owner problems
  • Job-related matters
  • Criminal charges against a member or his/her family
  • Motor vehicle problems or accident claims
  • Personal injury claims

Legal cover offers a number of benefits, from reducing your time spent searching for a lawyer when you need one, as well as the cost to pay for the services once you find one. If you need to claim you will have to submit any related documentation to your legal insurance provider. It is also important not to negotiate and engage with the other person or company’s lawyers, but rather contact your lawyer immediately to avoid any contradiction and further issues that may arise.

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