In today’s technologically driven world, we’re all interested in the latest tech and the coolest gadgets. Unfortunately most of us can’t afford the technology we would love to own – or at least we think we can’t afford it.

The team at MoneyShop has done some digging around, and the truth is that getting your hands on the tech you want doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think…

Shop around

When it comes to technology, it is important to stay on top of the latest developments. It’s also important to identify what exactly your needs are and then educate yourself regarding  the ‘going rate’ for the specific products that you need (or want).

You can use websites like These will give you a good indication of what the gadget you’re after costs – so that some sleazy salesman doesn’t talk you into buying it at double the market value.

Consider buying second-hand

Let’s face it, in the world of tech what’s new today is old tomorrow. Which is exactly why it may make sense to go for second-hand goodies instead. Who cares if someone used your server, monitor or Apple TV before you did? As long as it functions optimally and does what you need it to, where you bought it or what you paid for it becomes insignificant.

Online options

Whether you are buying new or second-hand, local or straight from the international manufacturer, there are many online options to choose from.

Websites like or are ideal to find lots of low cost new and used tech. Or try out online stores like and

Sign up for special offers

If you are not super rushed to buy your new gadget, it’s a great idea to sign up to your favourite tech sites’ newsletters. Not only will this keep you posted on the latest and greatest local tech launches, but you’ll be first in line to find out about specials and promo buys.

Wait it out

Prices peak at the time of launch and tend to lower the older technology gets. Things like smart phones are the perfect example of this…. Unless your current phone is faulty and you absolutely need a new one, it will be wise to wait a while and see how prices drop as demand decreases and the novelty wears off. Six months or so after launch is the ideal time to scoop up your new phone and save while you’re doing it.

Whatever you do, don’t do the nasty…

After having gone to all that trouble, saving and waiting to get your hands on new tech it is vitally important that you store it in a safe place and remember to insure it. With technology, it is not just crime that you have to worry about. You could drop it, spill something on it or it could even be hit by lightning. The last thing you want is to not be covered in a situation like that.