There is often confusion between a motor warranty plan and service plan, neither of which really register on your radar until something goes wrong with your car and all of a sudden the difference is glaringly evident when you go through the terms and conditions. What makes matters worse is that often the sellers of these products usually combine them into one contract, adding to the confusion.

What is a motor warranty plan?

A motor warranty plan typically covers the wear and tear of your vehicle but not all parts are covered. These parts could include the clutch, the suspension, the gearbox, etc. The different types of motor warranties, however, will depend on the condition and age of your car. Often these warranties include other handy benefits like medical assistance, as well as 24 hour roadside assistance like in the case of the Bidvest motor warranty offering.

What is a service plan?

A service plan typically covers all the costs involved with the regular servicing of your vehicle. In short, when your car has to go in for a service, this plan is activated. These plans typically also have a limit on which cars they cover, as anything over a certain age or kilometres are excluded.

A motor warranty and service plan are typically complimentary, as what the one lacks the other usually makes provision for. When you buy a car both are usually presented to you as recommended add-ons. Because life is unpredictable, especially when on the road, having this class of coverage is always advisable.

Many, however, are of the opinion that one does not need both in every instance. When it comes to new cars, some deem having a motor warranty futile, while others would rather be safe than sorry, as vehicle parts could get rather expensive to replace.

One things for sure, between car payments, fuel price fluctuations and the risk of a potential accident, not many have the necessary cash to fork out when it comes to replacing parts or servicing a vehicle. This is where things like motor warranty cover become important as it saves you from having to empty your pockets when something does go wrong.