The importance of having a Will should not be underestimated. A Will is a legal document created to determine what happens to you, your finances and all the items which you choose to specify and if you don’t have it, your loved ones could lose out. Life is unpredictable and what you do today really does affect what happens tomorrow.

The strongest reason why you should create a Will is that if you don’t have an official one in place, the courts are then responsible for deciding who’ll receive your assets. This is particularly worrisome if you have a family, as it’s not guaranteed that the courts will decide to bestow your assets to them. Indeed, nothing is certain without your Will to dictate who should get what and how much.

In addition to making provision for your loved ones, especially those that wouldn’t ordinarily have legal grounds for claiming your assets (like an unmarried partner), having a Will can speed up the administration process and reduce administration costs. This is significant in that it saves your loved ones time and money, allowing them to focus on more important issues.

Lastly, the importance of a Will is paramount because it also deals with how you will be treated should you become unresponsive when in hospital, or fall into a coma. Your Will can guide your family towards deciding how to handle your medical treatment.

The main point is that making a Will is a necessary process, which is often simpler than you think. Drawing one up will save your family time and money during the grieving process, and will also give you great peace of mind.