Pre-qualification for a loan: If you have been approached by a loan provider, this may indicate that you have already pre-qualified for a personal loan.


In the past, only home loans providers offered pre-qualification. But nowadays, you can also pre-qualify for personal loans.

So, what is pre-qualification?

This is when a loans provider unofficially reaches out to you and offers you a loan, which simply needs a final approval before being granted. Alternatively, you can submit your details to a loan provider to determine whether you pre-qualify for a loan.


But what does it mean to pre-qualify then?

Firstly, it means that you may already have met the qualifying criteria. And secondly, it means that you may qualify for a certain loan, payment plan, or rates.


Pre-qualification for a personal loan can remain valid for several months, but it is important to note that it is not a guarantee that you will receive a loan following your application.


This kind of qualification is typically free, and it allows you to find out whether you can, in fact, get a personal loan. It also gives you a sneak peak into the rates you can expect to pay.



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