Bank Physical Environment Survey Results are here. In our recent MoneyShop Bank Survey we asked you to rate your banks physical environment?

Physical Environment, how important is it? Many research studies have highlighted the importance of a company’s physical environment on a customer’s overall evaluation of service quality.

Our results are in, please see the results below.

Ratings regards the individual questions:

  • Overall, on average all banks scored 80% on the questions.

Overall individual bank score:

  • Capitec 80%.
  • FNB 80%.
  • Nedbank 80%.
  • Standard Bank 80%.
  • ABSA 80%.
  • Other 80%.

All banks on par generally.

Survey results based on bank users:

51.3% of people surveyed use Capitec

19% of people surveyed use FNB

8.6% of people surveyed use Nedbank

9.9% of people surveyed use ABSA

5.6% of people surveyed use Standard Bank

5.6% of people surveyed use other banks

In conclusion, from our MoneyShop Bank Physical Environment Survey:

If one looks at the individual question scores…

Capitec and Standard Bank’s employees are suitably dressed and neat, being rated at 100%.

Nedbank and Standard Bank’s ATMs are easy to find, also rated at 100%.

Capitec and Nedbank’s branches are simple to find, coming in at 100% too.

In conclusion, all banks environments are pleasant to spend time in.


Thank you for participating in our MoneyShop Bank Survey.