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  • Got R500 p/m? Here’s the right cell phone contract for you


    Like brain surgery and hitting puberty, deciphering South Africa’s cell phone contracts can be pretty complicated.  In this blog, we introduce a handy online tool that you can 

      use to determine which contract is best for you – saving you time and money.

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  • 10 awesome last minute online Valentine’s deals you’ll love


    We’ve foraged around the interwebs for days, finding the best deals and hottest online stores guaranteed to please even the most demanding Valentine all without breaking the bank. 

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  • Keeping ahead of your pay cheque


    While we can’t do anything about a salary increase for you, we certainly can help you cope a little better with the money you have every month, which is why we’ve taken a new approach to our weekly newsletter. From now on, you can consider us as your partner from one pay cheque to the next.

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  • Infographic: How does your salary compare?


    Ever wonder how your salary compares to that of other middle class South Africans?

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  • The real cost of educating your child


    All the recent media hype and protest campaigns like #FeesMustFall have focused our attention toward the real cost of education in South Africa – which, by the way, is a lot more than one would think. Just how much can you expect to pay to put one child through school? Read on and find out… 

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  • What to consider when taking out a loan


    South Africans rank number one in the world for borrowing money according to the World Bank. And with a whopping 77% of us struggling to make it from paycheck to paycheck, that’s no surprise. Here are some points to consider when it comes to taking out loans …

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  • Ms MoneyBags' money saving tip


    Pay your DSTV account in full up front – you can save up to 13% of the annual fee this way

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  • From zero to hero: boost your productivity with these apps


    We’re constantly pushed to go faster and do more in the 24 hours of every day – which is why so many of us are trying to up our game and increase our productivity. And why not make the most of the technology that we have at our disposal to do just this? Check out our 10 favourite productivity apps here…

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  • Ms Moneybags' money management tip


    Prepare a monthly budget - this will help you identify spending patterns and help you to live within your means as well.

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  • What does the falling Rand mean for you?


    Ever since the Nenegate debacle at the end of last year, South Africa’s plummeting currency has been on the top of everyone’s minds. Even after the appointment of Pravin Gordhan as Finance Minister, an old hand when it comes to steering the country’s finances, investor confidence was just boosted slightly, only increasing the Rand value momentarily before watching it fall further into what now seems like a continued downward spiral.

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