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Frequently asked questions

In order to qualify for a personal loan you will need to have  the following:

  1. A South African ID
  2. Aminimum income of R5,000 per month
  3. You will also need to pass a credit check.

No, Moneyshop is not a loan provider. We simply find the best loan suited to your profile with SA’s top loan providers. We have partnered with SA’s top insurers and personal loan providers to make your online application process for financial services – such as funeral plans, car and home insurance and hospital cover quick and easy! Best of all, our service is free!

Short answer: “Yes, as long as the ‘blacklisting’ isn’t too bad.”

Long answer: “There is no such thing really as being ‘blacklisted’.  It is a term people use that covers a whole host of negative flags on your credit profiles. So lets flesh it out a little:

  • Debt counseling. If you are undergoing debt counseling then you are not eligible to apply for a loan. It is illegal to grant anyone in this category a loan.
  • A few missed payments / bounced debit order. Missing a few payments will negatively affect your credit profile.  But if you are not a habitual bad payer, and you mostly repay your debt after a month or 2, then you are most likely still eligible for a loan.
  • I am more then 60-90 days overdue on my payments. Going several months without paying debt is considered an indicator of bad credit (especially if it is recent and the debt is still unpaid). You will probably not be eligible for a loan, but you could consider debt consolidation.
  • I have judgements against my name. A judgement is when a court has declared publicly that you owe money. Like with missed payments, having a judgement on its own will not necessarily disqualify you from getting a loan. Again the ‘badness’ of the judgement needs to be assessed.  If it is for a large amount of money or is very recent it will be considered ‘worse’ compared to a small or old judgement.  Your best bet will still be to pay off the debt and clear your name before applying for credit.  But you could still try and apply and see if you qualify or not.


, unfortunately you will not be approved for a loan if you are blacklisted. In order to get a loan you will need to pass a credit check which requires a healthy credit score. If you are blacklisted you should consider debt counseling.

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