Holidays can be expensive to pay for, but if you’d rather not use a form of credit like your credit card or personal loan to pay for it then it’s possible to save for it. All you need is patience, time and perseverance.


Here we list a number of ways you can save for and save on your holiday this summer:

1. Bargain

Don’t just accept the first price you are given for your trip. Speak to your travel consultant and tell them what your budget is. Tell them they must try and accommodate you by sticking to your budget. You may have to make some sacrifices though by having to choose a cheaper resort or one that has fewer ‘stars’ in their ratings.

2. Book your holiday during off peak times

People generally go to destinations when they are in the midst of their summer season or typically go on holiday when the kids are on holiday too. If you are able to go during off peak times then consider this as you’re bound to pay less, and you won’t have to compromise on the quality of the experience.

3. Don’t fly directly

If you’re happy to fly for longer and take a couple of stop-offs along the way then this could be another way to save money. It may take you longer to get there but if you don’t have small children in tow this could be another way to make the trip more affordable as direct flights are expensive.

4. Compare prices

If you still aren’t happy with what you are being given as a price for your holiday, go to a competitor or shop around online. There are plenty of bargains to be had if you’re prepared to take some time out to view what others are willing to quote you. Make sure though that you are shopping through or dealing with secure, reputable websites and companies.

5. Cut back on your luggage

Travel light! These days, companies charge you for taking extra baggage. If you can, try and bring only one suitcase. Pack just what you need –you can always buy extras at your holiday destination.

6. Compare parking costs

Parking your car at the airport can be expensive. Cut the costs by asking a friend or family member to drop you off at the airport or use a ride sharing app like Uber to get a driver to transport you to where you need to be. 

7. Take your own food

Some ‘no-frills’ airlines, while cheaper, will charge you for ordering food and drinks. So save money by packing your own food, especially if it’s a short flight.

8. Stay in budget hotels, backpackers, etc.

If you are prepared to cut back on luxuries, consider staying at budget hotels or backpackers. While this may be less glamorous if you intend to explore the sites or sun tan all day the accommodation arrangements may not matter as much.

9. Use your age to your advantage

A lot of tour operators and other businesses often have discounts for students or pensioners. Make sure you have your student or pensioner card ready when you make a booking.

10. Save!

If you have a couple of months or years before you’re set to take your trip, there’s nothing better than saving the money yourself and paying in cash. If you take out a loan or use your credit card it will cost you more as you’ll be paying interest on the money you borrow. 


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