Debt Consolidation Loans

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Debt is one of those things that can sneak up on us. It may start with a store loan here or a credit card there, but it can quickly spiral out of control. Before long, you may not be able to afford your monthly instalments, let alone the capital debt.

If this sounds like you, a debt consolidation loan can help. Essentially, it’s one loan that you take out to cover all your individual debts, meaning you only pay one monthly instalment. This can help you reduce collective interest rates and pay a lower rate overall.

6 Reasons why you should apply for a debt consolidation loan through Moneyshop:

  1. Our service is FREE!
  2. Loans pre-qualified usually same day
  3. We work with more lenders
  4. Loans from R1,000 up to R150,000
  5. 40,000 happy clients per month
  6. Processed completely online or via phone

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