Times are tough. You don’t need us to tell you that everyone’s pockets are pinched at the moment and with an unstable currency and increasing interest rates, money matters aren’t going to get any easier for us South Africans.

While we can’t do anything about a salary increase for you, we certainly can help you cope a little better with the money you have every month, which is why we’ve taken a new approach to our weekly newsletter. From now on, you can consider us as your partner from one pay cheque to the next.

After pay day, there’s nothing more terrifying than watching your debit orders run on fixed expenses like your home loan, car repayments, medical aid and insurance premiums. Then it’s time to feed yourself and your family, never mind the unexpected expenses like those school shoes that were lost or flowers for a new mom. And all of this before you’ve paid up to cover last month’s debt or stepped out of your front door for a meal or movie…

At MoneyShop, our mission is to partner with you from month to month, pay cheque to pay cheque. We will continue to provide you with some very practical money management tips and tricks; whether it is the best ways to save and invest or how to identify the best financial products for you. You can also expect handy insights on how to pay less tax in 2016 or why you should ditch your estate agent, to name just a few.

But it doesn’t end there … we’re really excited to bring you the inside scoop about the best deals around,  from which online stores have the best sales, to the low down on the must-get internet deals in South Africa and how to satisfy your appetite with the best bang-for-buck burger in town.

In a nutshell, we’ve got your back.

So keep your eyes open for your weekly newsletter from MoneyShop. We’re going to continue with our great content but with superb deals too that will cover you in your monthly money-flow cycle. So, if there’s one thing you read every week, it should be this!

And don’t forget to pay it forward and share our news with your friends, families and colleagues; after all, they face the same crunch as you every month. And who knows: sharing could earn you some extra brownie points from us too…