All children love to be fussed over and celebrate their birthdays with all their friends and family. We know that throwing your child a birthday party can sometimes become expensive, however, if you plan wisely it doesn’t have to break the bank. Here’s how you can throw a memorable party on a budget.

Try to keep the guest list as short as possible

While it is always nice to have your own friends around, don’t forget that the party is for your child – not you – so stick to only inviting their friends. We also know that you don’t want any children to feel left out, but if possible, only invite your child’s closest friends.

Host your party at home

We know that cleaning up after a party isn’t glamorous and fun however it does cut the cost of having to hire out a venue. You can still make your home look beautiful with simple and cost effective decorations such as balloons or themed serviettes and plates.

You don’t need fancy invites

With all the photography apps now available on your smartphone, it will take five minutes to create a free image inviting people to your child’s birthday party instead of wasting money on paper invites. These usually go straight into the dustbin after the party anyways.

Don’t go overboard on the food

Kids are usually occupied with playing and running around at parties so having a ton of food is not always a necessity. Finger foods like pizza slices or sandwiches are perfect snacks to keep their tummies happy but don’t forget their sugary treats and the birthday cake!


The MoneyShop Team