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  • Choosing your plastic wisely


    We all know that plastic is a much safer, easier way to spend money than carrying around mounds of cash. But banking is complicated and choosing which type of card to use can send some of us into a flat panic. Essentially credit, debit and reloadable prepaid cards offer the same convenience, and are accepted at most of the same places. The main difference if where the money comes from. In this article, we’re going to uncover basic definitions, and benefits and drawbacks of each type of card.

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  • 7 tips to help you save power.


    It is no secret that increasing electricity costs are putting a strain on many South African’s wallets. If you are one of them and you are unsure why you are faced with a high electricity bill at the end of each month, take a look at these 7 ways to cut down on costs and use your electricity more wisely.

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  • Financial planning - DIY or use a professional?


    Many people turn a blind eye to their finances. They think the subject is very complicated and therefore think it would be good to have a professional financial planner on their side. Here’s the good news: financial planning is not that difficult.

    Having a financial planner makes us lazy about our finances. The more you understand about your own financial life, the better off you will be. No one else knows your financial needs as well as you do. 

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  • Survival of the fittest – how to make it through utility cuts


    No matter where in South Africa you live, you are facing electricity cuts and water problems too. Yes it’s frustrating, but it’s a reality so here are some guidelines to help you get through power and water outages as painlessly and stress free as possible.

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  • How to relax about tax


    Did you know that the tax yearend was 28 February? 1 March – 28 February is the cycle that SARS works on when assessing your personal tax.

    While we don’t yet know the date for personal tax submissions, it’s better to get your affairs in order now rather than wait for the last minute dash later in the year. Here are our suggestions for beating the tax blues.

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  • Legal help for when you need it most


    Insurance cover for unforeseen legal costs may not seem as important as death or disability cover, but it could save you money at a time when you are legally most vulnerable. Let’s face it, nobody likes paying for insurance - but if you find yourself in a hair-raising criminal, civil or labour matter, you’re going to need it. Perhaps you’ve been unfairly treated at work, or maybe you need help resolving a dispute with your neighbour.

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  • Understanding debt - what you should know before you borrow


    Nearly all of us will deal with debt at some point during our lives. Credit is so readily available to us encouraging us to buy with money that we do not necessarily have. Debt often begins to accumulate during early adulthood with car loans and student loans, and very often continues with home loans, family expenses and medical bills. It's therefore important that you understand how debt works, and the terms of your debt agreement.

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  • Compound interest for dummies


    Compound interest describes the process of charging – or earning – interest on interest. The former is not so good; the latter is great. So, whether you are borrowing money or investing it, the concept is the same. What happens is that interest earned on a loan or investment is added to the original amount. The interest payable is regularly recalculated on the original amount and also any previous interest earned.  When financial whizzes speak of compounding, this is what they mean. 

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  • Understanding the world of loans


    We have all found ourselves in the type of situation where we need to borrow money but we are not 100% sure who to get it from. Our first choice is often to call upon what is termed the “F-squared” – in other words our friends or family. However, this is not always the easiest option as some find it more difficult to ask a loved one for money than a stranger.

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  • Prepaid cards make budgeting and saving a piece of cake


    Most of us feel the same way about budgeting as we do about dieting. We know we should be doing it, but often don’t get around to it, or stick to it. Budgeting can be hard work, especially when you aren’t sure which tools you should be using to help achieve your goals. There’s no shortage of budgeting tools or personal finance programmes, however prepaid cards can help consumers before they veer off track. 

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