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    When joining a medical scheme with an existing condition, and if you have never had medical aid cover before (or at least not in the last five years) you most likely will have a waiting period for treatment of that condition. For many this can be an added stress, as they are paying for medical aid, as well as the treatment for their existing condition. But what is this waiting period?

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  • Understanding breast cancer with Ms Moneybags


    In honour of October being breast cancer awareness month, Ms Moneybags gives you the 101 on things you need to know about the disease.

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  • Did you know that donating blood can help with your health too?


    While needles and blood don’t appeal to many people, what many of us may not know is that when you donate blood, you are not only helping save someone else’s life, but you are increasing your health benefits as well. This may be a strange concept to get, right? I mean how can losing blood help your health?

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  • Men, here’s how to beat manflu and other ailments


    Guys, you knew it all along… Not only do men exhibit more intense symptoms of common medical conditions like the flu (there is a reason why they call it “manflu” after all), but they generally have  a more meagre health profile and outlook than the fairer sex.

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  • What to expect when you’re expecting: 9 tips for 9 months


    For some people, being pregnant may sound like a scary prospect – having the responsibility of creating a new human being and keeping them as healthy as possible. The truth is, being pregnant is not scary at all. It is a beautiful, natural process that every woman should treasure. 

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  • Make your medical savings account last longer with these tricks


    Majority of South African medical aid schemes offer a medical savings account (MSA) to clients. This is where your own money is kept aside by your medical aid provider in order to pay for day-to-day medical expenses. However, when this money runs out, you enter what is known as a self-payment gap where you are on your own and need to start paying out of your own pocket until this gap is finished.

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  • The truth about cholesterol


    Despite what you read, cholesterol is actually an important substance that helps the body function. It’s just when your cholesterol levels spike that things get dangerous. 

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  • Avoid those dreaded extra costs and take out gap cover


    We take out medical aid, pay our monthly premium and just carry on happily with our days believing that no matter what happens, our medical aid scheme has our back. This unfortunately is a fairy tale that is very wrong.

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  • Are you covered by your medical aid for cancer treatments?


    Is it just us, or does if feel like cancer is becoming more and more prevalent these days? Almost everyone you speak to either has cancer or knows someone who has it. No matter your age or health, no one can hide from this terrible disease. 

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  • Ladies, it’s time to steer your health in the right direction from an early age


    As women we think we are invincible (which we often are), however from head to toe, there are always potential health problems that may be looming, which is why you need to start looking after yourself from an early age. 

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