This is a retirement investment report. In most cases we have used past performance to predict future performance. In other words we have used, where we can, 10 years worth of performance as an indicator for future performance. We have also included all fees and benefits. The purpose of this report is to compare ‘apples with apples’ basically so you will have a good idea of what you will put in vs what you will get out. In all reality the actual future performance of most of these funds will not equal exactly what we have forecast using a 10 year average. Other factors like inflation rate may also change over time. And so the resulting outputs of what we have predicted may be different in real-life. But regardless of that, it still wont really change the answer of where you should invest your retirement money. Bad options based on an average of 10 years performance will typically always remain bad options and good options will typically always remain good options even if external factors like inflation or market conditions change.
A further disclaimer is that we are not investment brokers and do not make any money from these calculations. In other words we are not biased. All information is as accurate and up to date as we can get it. If you notice anything that is incorrect please feel free to raise it with us.