Imagine that you’ve just walked out of your local grocery store and are trying to find your way to your car. But it’s not there anymore. It’s been stolen, but how? You clearly remember locking it… 

The sad truth is that keeping your car safe is more than just driving cautiously. Here are our top tips for preventing car theft:

Lock it Away

No matter how secure the parking area where you’ve left your car may be, it’s always best to remove any valuables from your car or at the very least put them away in your boot. Don’t leave anything inside or visible that might tempt thieves. 


Latest technology popular amongst thieves are jammers. These are devices used by thieves when they see you activate your alarm. The frequency emitted by this device deactivates your alarm or prevents it from being set. That’s why, in order to prevent car theft, it’s best to activate your alarm, and then check that the doors are locked. 

Location, Location, Location

You’d be surprised at just how often people park their cars around the corner from their destination, in a shady neighbourhood, or out of sight of security guards. It’s paramount to your car’s safety that you park it in a safe, secure area and this is one standard that you should never relax on. 

Track it

Have your car fitted with a tracking device, so that in the event that it is stolen, the chances of recovery are increased. Having a tracking device installed also has the added benefit of reducing the theft excess on your insurance policy. 

Theft is something that could happen to anyone, no matter how safety conscience you are. The ultimate protection you can provide is for your financial wellbeing, and to do that you need to get car insurance. With the right policy in place, your car will be replaced and you’ll be back on the road in no time.